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… that with technological advances, music and video content have multiple possibilities to maximize your digital revenues, when using the appropriate strategy.

… that you don’t always need to do everything by yourself; we offer a VIP service and basically once you deliver the master, we take care of all the details to put your product available for sale in more than 25 digital platforms around the world.

… that you can dedicate yourself to the creative side and we’ll send your income in a safe and constant way; we have an efficient and dedicated administration to serve our clients.

… that we dedicate ourselves mainly to the independent labels offering a personalized and direct treatment; let us help you cover all the digital sales areas for your products, that’s the only way your income can grow; do not let the apparent lack of resources prevent you from undertaking a diligence that will bring benefits, we are able to resolve any query, let us help you.

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Music Licensing

  1. He wants to do a musical production and need to use compositions owned by others, and you do not know how?
  2. You are a professional musician, a true artist and the administrative seems complicated and boring?
  3. You want to make a business and you need permission to use the songs and videos protected by law of copyright?

Copyright Advisory

  1. Composing is his profession and have ever stolen your creation?
  2. You have to register productions around the world?
  3. You want to have representation abroad?

Royalties management and Artistic Notice

  1. you have a publisher but the distribution of royalties to authors is a headache?
  2. They need to know if your statements royalties are well calculated?
  3. If you have a record label and requires the use of copyrights and / or artists?
  4. You need someone to do the administrative part of his label?
If you had any doubts that we present, or have any other concerns, do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help in multiple areas of the music business, 25 years of experience they are at your service.